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  • How to Pick Your Winter Scarf?

    Discover the Perfect Scarf Set to Stay Cozy This Winter



    Scarves are both practical and stylish, adding warmth and flair to any outfit. Whether you prefer wool, infinity, or silk scarves, there's one for every occasion and mood. We asked Feathers Of Italy's owner which is her favourite winter scarf styles and tips for choosing the perfect scarf for yourself and this is what she said.

    I tend to go for less bulky scarfs but quite big ones so I can dress them three ways and ones with some cashmere content as I love the smooth texture against my skin like this Naples Cashmere Scarf I sourced the best value for money cashmere content scarf and then added a feather trim as I love a little theatrical drama to my look.

  • Best Casual Women's Fashion Brand 2023

    I am absolutely delighted to announce that my own label clothing brand started from my conservatory table back in April 2012, when I had no knowledge of the fashion Industry, no money, or knew anything about the dynamics of a clothing brand, but with sheer grit and determination I took a risk and pored my life savings which at the time was £330 into my crazy dream. I taught myself along the way a lot of long hours in marquees around the country spreading the word and empowering many women along the way and I have just won.

    Best Casual Women's Fashion Brand 2023
  • Cool things about linen

    3 things you didn't know about linen

    • Linen conducts heat 5 times better than wool and 19 times better than silk. In hot weather, people dressed in Linen were measured to be 3-4 degrees cooler than people dressed in silk or cotton.
    • Linen can absorb 20% of its weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch.
    • It deals with washing better than other fabric.

    Check out our cool linens today!

  • Kerries Coronation Weekend Pink Gin

    Kerries Coronation Weekend Pink Gin

    Kerrie's Coronation Weekend Pink Gin

    I wanted to celebrate for weeks to come the new king, he has waited so long for his title and I feel it deserves celebrating in style so this morning I have made my own recipe of coronation gin.

    Here goes 


  • Have you got a spring in your step? - Not yet then read my declutter Blog!

    Have you got a spring in your step? - Not yet then read my declutter Blog!

    I always find spring one of the most fabulous times of year it brings a lot of hope to money when you see the spring bulbs coming up the lawns can start to be mowed and the winter nights have disappeared. You can wrap up warm and go out for a great walk in the countryside or just your bike down and speed round the lanes to give you that feel good factor.

    I also find it's the time of year for decluttering whether that be your cupboards things you've stored in boxes for years the attic or your wardrobe.

  • International Womens Day £10 Off

    Make International Women's Day your day and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women.

    Use code WOMEN15 for orders over £60 to receive £10 off your order.

  • Eye Surgery Shoot! - New Arrivals

    5 Days in and desperate to get on with my new stock launch, some fabulous super soft jumpers. I did a photo shoot yesterday most of which is now online a few more arriving daily so I'll keep up with the photography and hope you love my new collection as much as I do.
  • Dare To Be Different! Kerrie's Top 3 Winter Knits....

    Top up your wardrobe with our bright new Knits. From classy Caramel to Dreamy Blue Hue and popping Green to put a spring back in your step these winter evenings!

  • Pink is this years bold colour choice - Get the perfect Maxi

    Pink is this years bold colour choice, be different stand out from the crowd. This fabulous maxi comes in three bold colours, I choose Orange for Sorrento and Pink for Barbados! Monaco is Blue!
    This dress will take you through the seasons to any event for decades, its stylish generous pleated fabric is elasticated around the back so as to fit any size and has a halter neck for easy adjustment to any bust size.
    I wore the orange in Sorrento which colour will you choose? I teamed it with leopard print Italian healed sandals some diamonds and orange tassel earings!
  • Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

    When you want to stand out from the crowd, dress differently. My fashion label Feathers Of Italy was established in 2009 to bring you luxury fabrics made into exquisite "ladies' Italian fashion" which is easy to wear. Making create a new summer wardrobe from unique sourced Italian fashion. Get Chic this summer and take a look at my new collection. We also have a huge clearance sale now on. Brought to you from Italy. Love Kerrie ❤️
  • Its Time I Gave You A REWARD - Thank you for supporting my small business

    Silk Wrap offer buy 2 get 1 FREE use code perfect for holidays as they dont take much space in your case! 6 colours to choose from dont forget to...
  • Staying Cool In The Sun!

    Staying cool in the heat is a must especially when you are busy and rushing about.
    With our amazing collection you have so much choice just let me know if you need any help in choosing anything by emailing me on
    Heres a few of my top choices.

    Can you imagine a hot day and having this cool dress on its casual enough to wear to the beach but stylish to add heals and wear out! or great to the races.

    The halter neck is flattering and the polka dot detail is exquisite there is a belt that looks lovely in a bow at the side complete with a ruffle hemline.

    This dress is truly Italian chic. BUY NOW