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Feathers Of Italy

Owner Kerrie Griffin-Rogers Interior Designer, Designer and Artist wanted to find a style which was flattering yet comfortable so she set about searching europe to find the look she wanted to emulate and thats how Feathers Of Italy was born.

We aim to bring you a collection of unique outfits which will offer you comfort and style only available through this website. Outfits which will flatter you and make you feel happy and confident.

We want to put outfits together which suit your body type and suggest new looks to dress your body, to get the best look for you. 

Kerrie is a very friendly hands on Director Of Feathers Of Italy and runs the daily running of the company and always encourages clients to call her to discuss what options may be right for you, this is a free service. Kerries Interior Design business can be found at www.theinteriorco.co.uk