How to Pick Your Winter Scarf?


Discover the Perfect Scarf Set to Stay Cozy This Winter



Scarves are both practical and stylish, adding warmth and flair to any outfit. Whether you prefer wool, infinity, or silk scarves, there's one for every occasion and mood. We asked Feathers Of Italy's owner which is her favourite winter scarf styles and tips for choosing the perfect scarf for yourself and this is what she said.

I tend to go for less bulky scarfs but quite big ones so I can dress them three ways and ones with some cashmere content as I love the smooth texture against my skin like this Naples Cashmere Scarf I sourced the best value for money cashmere content scarf and then added a feather trim as I love a little theatrical drama to my look.

Worn over the shoulder and around the neck as a layer to my dress.

Worn here as a pashmina style.

And here round the neck and over the shoulder.

Here I just drape it over my shoulders like a cardigan would be and sometimes I belt it for a more figure hugging look.

Worn here as a pashmina style.


It comes in these lovely soft winter to spring colours, NavyGrey, Beige,Cream, and Pink. Which one will you choose?

Use code WINTERSCARF15 for 15% off these lovely cashmere scarfs.

Kerrie x



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