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I always find spring one of the most fabulous times of year it brings a lot of hope to money when you see the spring bulbs coming up the lawns can start to be mowed and the winter nights have disappeared. You can wrap up warm and go out for a great walk in the countryside or just your bike down and speed round the lanes to give you that feel good factor.

I also find it's the time of year for decluttering whether that be your cupboards things you've stored in boxes for years the attic or your wardrobe.

We tend not to throw things away that don't fit us anymore because we paid so much for them but that's where we selling them recycling them or donating them to a charity is the best option so somebody else can get the benefit out of clothes that don't fit you that are just taking space up in your wardrobe.

1. The way I like to do to my wardrobe is to put all the colours together to start with then I sit through them to try and find items that are damaged or stained if the same won't come out I throw it away if it is beyond repair I also throw it away or donate it to a local arts and crafts club who might use the fabric for weaving or a toddlers group who may cut up the items and be able to make collages from them.

2. I then look at an item and ask if it suits me, if I love it and when will I wear it next if it's not giving me joy I sell or donate.

3. Once I've gone through everything in my wardrobe and then start looking where the gaps are in my colour sections, do I need a new black top for instance, do I need a jumper with a pop of colour to replace one of the ones I've thrown away or that's all bobbled

4. I write a list of items that I need and then start looking through the website for replacements of those items, that way you do buy things that you will wear rather than those items that were bought in a sporadic way whilst out shopping for something completely different.


I would like to offer you 15% of any of my stock but he's not in a sale today as a little taster of what I have to offer if you use the code VIP spring at check out you'll get 15% off your order happy shopping and have a wonderful spring.

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