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  • Feeling Good In Lockdown - Feed Your Soul

    Hi, I am Kerrie, I own Feathers Of Italy, I wanted to share some thoughts and ideas since starting this year-long experience of lockdown after lockdown after lockdown.
    Because I work from home and live alone its been a huge roller coaster my Moto has always been DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! there have been some really dark moments in 2020 where I just needed a hug, a shoulder to cry on and my family and friends around me but it wasn't allowed.
    I have had vulnerable house guests to look after teens who missed exams and couldn't go to prom and couldn't fully start university and wanted to drop out!. I have had euphoric moments and lots of tears. I have dressed down binged watch series after series, not done my hair or makeup, I've wandered around near a river wondering if it is all worth it! I have refused to take anti-depressants for 12 months thinking I can do this on my own, ill walk every day reduce my blood pressure ill do live at 5 videos. By the way, when I did those videos 5 per week for 4 weeks, they were successful I felt a sense of achievement I brightened someone's day but inside I was crying.