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Hi, I am Kerrie, I own Feathers Of Italy, I wanted to share some thoughts and ideas since starting this year-long experience of lockdown after lockdown after lockdown.
Because I work from home and live alone its been a huge roller coaster my Moto has always been DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! there have been some really dark moments in 2020 where I just needed a hug, a shoulder to cry on and my family and friends around me but it wasn't allowed.
I have had vulnerable house guests to look after teens who missed exams and couldn't go to prom and couldn't fully start university and wanted to drop out!. I have had euphoric moments and lots of tears. I have dressed down binged watch series after series, not done my hair or makeup, I've wandered around near a river wondering if it is all worth it! I have refused to take anti-depressants for 12 months thinking I can do this on my own, ill walk every day reduce my blood pressure ill do live at 5 videos. By the way, when I did those videos 5 per week for 4 weeks, they were successful I felt a sense of achievement I brightened someone's day but inside I was crying.
My advice was always sitting tight and do as much as you have planned and find ways around the problems we are now faced with. My daughter said out of her class of 15, 13, were going to all drop out of university because they wouldn't get the full experience, I made an appointment with one of the teachers at her school and we went through the pros and cons of each option sensibly. I said you will be a year older than everyone in your chosen field at the end of the three years you will be on year 4 and they will be employable after 3 years. further delaying your education length and money earning capability. We discussed it a lot but decided to do what we had planned. My daughter would start her life on the path to becoming a barrister. She has been at home more than at university but I am a fighter a leader and I never give up and always try and support others who show initiative. She is now their full time and able to do some integration, the online learning is tough but I said this is probably one of the most testing times you will ever have to endure, you have got this! If you can do this period of isolation and learning, learning relationships at a distance you will be set for life.
She is thoroughly enjoying being independent and rings me every mealtime to ask am I cooking this right, am I going to poison myself! lol. All those years of teaching her to bake meringues, bread, cakes and biscuits went out the window, but she can now cook, spaghetti carbonara scrambled eggs and salmon and knows how to open a bottle of fizz with a bit of training from her mother, one of life essential qualities is to open it without spilling a drop.!
The reason I am telling you this is because a friend told me to get some help recently you are a successful woman and you cannot do this to yourself! I thought I can and I am and I will! being a diva! anyway, she forced me to reach out otherwise she would do it for me. I called the doctors and I was prescribed the dreaded antidepressants, the first three days were awful I couldn't move off the sofa, the dose was way too high. I spoke again with my doctor after speaking with my cousin who was a medic in Iraq he said to ring the doctor! they reduced the dose to half and I am glad to report I am feeling a little more like I can cope.
My uncle had a fall in December and went into respite to get him moving again but as there were no beds at the hospital a covid patient was put in the same room. 2 weeks later he died alone in a room with no family around him. I have had to scoop my auntie up and make her feel better something I didn't think I would be able to do. I just wanted to share with you some of my tips for getting back to normal in realising the longer people bend or manipulate the rules the longer we will all be in this. By the way, there are mental health councillors, as the government state they are pouring thousands of pounds into that field, they simply don't exist especially in wales. If anyone does feel the way, reach out please even if it's to me so I can signpost you to various help I have found useful. It took a long time to struggle alone dealing with everyday things before I felt at the end and needed to get help and if my friend wouldn't have been honest with me who knows where I would be now. Every service area of the NHS is saving lives either by being a vaccinator or on the front line so please if you know someone bending the rules please doesn't be afraid to tell them and if you see someone struggling people ask if you can do anything to help. People are dying and by the end of this everyone will have known someone who has died of covid so be careful every day.
My top tips to keep sane in lockdown.
1. Rain, snow, wind, or shine go outside either a walk or just wrap up warm and have a cup of tea and a Kit Kat outside, the fresh air helps you sleep.
2. Insomnia tips - Don't stay up too late binge-watching set yourself a target of trying to set a time like 11.30 to stop and make your way to bed. Have a ritual, mine is cleansing my face and neck, put oils and cream on which have essential oils in to feel the feeling of a spa, you know that relaxing feeling. I get my PJs on spraying my pillow and inside my bed with elemis frangipan room scent! it's divine! I also have cream and body oil. I take any tablets I need to I use sleep drops on my tongue I put my heated blanket on, something I actually look forward to, I usually do some social media and then for about two hours I toss and turn, but today I ordered the new Lesley Pearce book Liar, I cannot wait to get it to change my pattern. So that will start on March the 10th when my book arrives. See I have a goal so when you do this when it arrives you have prepared yourself ready to change.
3. Overeating don't forget that you only use a small number of calories per the exercise you are now having so cut your portions down to suit the day's activities. If you have sat all day eat a bit less, we only eat out of boredom. If you have done something energetic like walking exercising or a few hours tidying the garden up, for instance, then your body will need more food, and I mean food, not sugar, in these times of uncertainty the sugar rush we get from chocolate is essential but remember the peak down is higher than that moment of joy. Remember summer is coming and now its time to prepare for fewer clothes on our bodies so start your exercise today.
4. Drinking too much alcohol. If at all possible and I know it's hard not to drink a bottle a night! but set yourself a reward. I have a GnT at 6.30 when I finish my work. leave it then till after your dinner till maybe 8.30 and reward yourself with a glass of wine if you must, but remember every extra calorie will have to come off after lockdown. It's fine being overweight in the winter because you wear baggy jumpers and its easy to cover our bodies, but by spring-summer when that glorious sun hits our bodies and we need to cut 1 stone off, our hair is overgrown, with roots and you need an eye last tint or by then a body lift!.
5. Change Bad habits and replace them with what I call soul treats! By this I mean if at 8 o clock you hit the chocolate, plan to have a bath and watch 1 chapter of your favourite series on an I pad in the bath, read a chapter in your new book or simply just float listening to Miles Davies with candles lit, go on spoil your soul, then apply your favourite body cream or oil put some comfy clothes on and go and Finnish another of the series downstairs. Have a herbal tea or green tea instead of the wine if you can, I'm not saying don't have any wine, but choose when you drink it, for instance, have it with your dinner or save it for say 9pm what every you feel happiest. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!
5. Treat yourself, today I have ordered Liar a book by Lesley Pearce some NOU NOU shampoo by Davies oh my god it's fabulous! and some clothes, body cream and makeup. It's essential to feel spoilt. I'm lighting a fire watching a movie and having a bottle of my favourite drink!

We are still open whether you want some casual clothes or a candle. I own www.feathersofitaly.co.uk and also www.theinteriorco.co.uk After reading this if I have inspired you enough to treat yourself then I want to treat you further with £10 off when you spend £50 or more on my clothing range and £20 Off my Interiors on orders over £100 use these codes take care look after your soul stay strong and help others where you can.

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