Winter wardrobe tips and tricks

This weekend I am moving from my summer wardrobe to winter here are my top tips. 

Winter wardrobe tips  

1. Go through your summer wardrobe and take out anything broken, too small or your just not in love with it anymore. 

2. Fold everything up in piles of colours and pack them away in a large storage bag or the top of your wardrobe and store. 

3. Empty the whole wardrobe including the bottom hoover out.

4. Take just the winter clothes off the bed one by one, I put all the same colours back in the wardrobe together rather than all the trousers, all the tops, etc. This way you can quickly pull an outfit together as everything is colour coded. 

5. Lastly plan now what you need to buy to fill in those gaps. If your heading to the high street the only way to visualise what your new outfit could look like is to take them with you, that way you don't impulse buy and you have more chance of making an outfit work. Of course if you are buying from us online hang on the back of your door all the items you need to match up to make an outfit then log on to start at the sales pages a very interesting section because if we have just a couple left they go into the sale! Have a look around and see if you can make any outfits up, If you can't find what you are looking for in sale then go to each heading Tops Jackets Trousers etc

  1. Send us an image on Facebook or to and we will find you some items to make an outfit from your picture.

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