What Ever The Weather !

Last week saw four seasons in one day, but how do we dress for a day at the office or a weekend away in this unpredictable weather.

We layer thats what the Italians do so well so we have come up with our layering favories to give you a basic start and a fighting chance of getting it right on the day.

The Lana Soft Knit comes in 5 fabulous colour a lot of our customers buy one then there hooked and come back again and again its a key piece to any season. They are a mix of viscose acrylic and wool so they keep there shape and quality. Its such a fine kniy it can be rolled up in your bag and overlay another Jumper for an extra layer.

https://www.feathersofitaly.co.uk/collections/knitwear/products/lana-soft-knit-vanilla Charcoal, Green, Silver and Mocha £59.99 a great price for a stylish addition to your wadrobe.

Jeans are good in any climate we love the new AMAZING WOMAN Jeans there light weight material gives a relaxed light feel suitable for all weathers. We have them in stock in vanilla, White and Clay and can order any other colour on the spectrum.

We also do our own Jean one of my absolute favourites it doesnt mater what you wear on top these look great with anything and at the sale price of £39.99 you can afford to buy two pairs. https://www.feathersofitaly.co.uk/collections/trousers/products/amazing-florence-washed-grey-jeans

For our base layer we have gone for the incredibly soft fine knit of the jersey button top its lightweight but warm if needs be at £29.99.



If you need any hints and tips on dressing we are always at hand just email or call us on info@feathersofitaly.co.uk or call on 01244 960113

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