Wearing Silk Helps With Menopause

It's a light, breathable fabric and, due to its nature, a natural temperature regulator. Silk retains body heat in cold weather and dispels excess heat in warm weather. This aids your body to find a comfortable, natural body temperature all year round. Silk is the strongest of all the natural fibers in the world


As a hypoallergenic, Silk is a natural fungal repellant (as it absorbs unwanted moistures) and as a result doesn’t conduct static electricity, so wearing and sleeping in silk helps regulate your temperature.

Unlike synthetic fabrics, silk doesn’t draw moisture away from your skin  but instead encourages natural moisture balance. Silk’s smooth texture proves to be beneficial for those with sensitive skin conditions such as Eczema, and prevents the build up of dirts.

Silk is easily recyclable
and breaks down easily.


What is the best fabric to wear during menopause?
The best fabrics to choose are those made from natural and not synthetic fibres. So think cotton (100% cotton, not cottons mixed with synthetic fibres), linens, bamboo, silk, wool, cashmere, and hemp. Wick resistant materials that pull moisture away from the body allowing it to naturally evaporate are also good.
At feathers of italy 99% of our fabrics are natural just check our descriptions on the items for full information or contact me Kerrie on info@feathersofitaly.co.uk
Here is my Top 5 Silks this season.


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