Wardrobe Detox!

5 steps for a full wardrobe detox!

1. Sort out what actually suits you.

This is probably the most difficult step, so try not to lose the will to live. Borrow a rail and take a long, hard look at your wardrobe. Try not to have a mental breakdown. Stick your favourite pieces, the ones you genuinely love (and feel great wearing) on that rail. There might be less on that rail than you’d anticipated - which is good! If you really can’t bear to do this on your own, enlist the help of a trusted friend who is a little less indecisive than yourself.

2. Don't be lazy(easier said than done) - start a clean, mend and alter pile.

From that selection sort out what needs to be washed or mended. Don’t put off sorting out minor repairs or getting new buttons sewn on - your edited new wardrobe needs to look fresh and appealing.

3. Edit the fantasy rail.

Put aside anything that hasn’t been worn for two to three years or has never felt quite right when you wear it. Ask yourself why it doesn’t feel right? This could be that it's too young for you now, your style has changed or simply it may no longer be the right size. Now might be the time to come to terms with the fact that you are never going to look like Victoria Beckham - I know, it hurts. If you are keeping it in case you might shed those few final pounds, ask yourself whether you have reached your ‘ideal’ target weight in the past two years. Be brutal with yourself because that ‘ideal’ target weight might not actually be the right weight for your body and realistic with your lifestyle. It really doesn't matter what size is on the label, if it looks great then that's all that matters! 
If the item isn't really your cup of tea anymore then start a charity pile or sell the items onto someone else. This can also be done with underwear - chucking out old bras and comfy options with frayed elastic(another painful chore but it must be done). Do the same for shoes and boots.

4. Assess what's left.

By now your wardrobe should be fashion disaster and bad buys free! You should be left with an edit of clothes and accessories that you love and enjoy wearing. You will also be able to spot things that are missing - which means you can now go shopping and not feel bad about it!

5. How to organise.

The final step. You can either arrange your cupboard by sticking all your trousers, skirts or tops in sections or maybe do it all by colour. There isn’t one right or wrong way. Whatever works best for you. What is more important is that you can now see everything easily and that you won’t forget about anything.

You're done! Aaaaaaaaaand breathe.


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