Wardrobe Declutter - Essential for Clearing for the Soul

Ladies Take Stock This January

Its That Time of year ladies when you take a stock check on your life, do I want this in my life? do I want that?

Start with your wardrobe and you will not believe what will follow.

Go in your wardrobe and put everything in sections of colours and look what you have, this will make it much easier to see what you like and dislike and what doesn't fit and what does fit.

1. Colour Co-ordinate all clothing, shoes and bags.

2. Look through and pull out any damaged items even if you love them (pulls and stains are not attractive!)

3. Anything that does not fit now will not fit when you have joined the imaginary gym for one month! Get Rid!

4. You love it but have nothing to go with it, you will be surprised by colour coordinating your wardrobe there will probably be something which will now match.

4. Write a list of anything you have thrown out which was damaged or didn't fit but is a key piece in your wardrobe like white jeans, Pink Jumper etc.

5. Make a coffee sit down and shop for those items you now need. Go to www.feathersofitaly.co.uk we have a huge 72% Off Sale Now On.

If you need help call Kerrie or email on info@feathersofitaly.co.uk

Don't forget this also applied to your summer wardrobe do you know this is the best time of year to buy summer replacements. Our linen is hugely reduced right now so grab some bargains whilst still enjoying the festivities.


Written by Kerrie Griffin-Rogers Interior Designer, Owner and Founder Of Feathers Of Italy.


Love Kerrie x 

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