Feathers Of Italy Angels Self Employed Sales Staff
Some of you will know my background and some won't so I shall tell you why I have set up this week on International Womens Week Feathers Of Italy Angels.
I had a busy career in publishing management before leaving to have my two beautiful girls I had been married for 17 years when my x announced he was divorcing me on our 17th wedding anniversary, I had not worked at that point for over 12 years as my daughter was now 12, I was left with no money a huge mortgage and no way of providing for my girls. I applied for jobs with huge rejections as I had been out of the industry for so long. It was either a cleaners permission and I hate cleaning or working in a supermarket, neither of which would even pay for childcare let along make enough to pay for running costs on a house two children and myself and a car. With little confidence I had, I started to sell my own persuasions things were pretty dire for quite a while!. I found I could sell all the expensive clothes I had really easily people were flocking to my sales it wasn't long before I had enough money to start buying stock. Slowly slowly catch a monkey as a relative used to say to me. I slowly bought small amounts of clothing in from Italy and had a few friends round and every time they brought friends then friends brought friends and I would sell out each time. My confidence was growing! at a good rate!. I booked a local village hall fate for £20 and sold over £600 of stock delighted with the result I would book more and this became more frequent. The friends were all asking to have their own house party and this soon developed into a Hugh expansion. I one point in the early stages I earned in one evening over £1000 I cried all the way home, the next day I treated both of my children to new school shoes as the ones they had, had holes in the soles. My oldest daughter had to have a plastic bag inside the shoe over her foot to stop getting wet socks and feet. It was a pretty bad time but with the excitement of my growing business, I was finally getting us out of this mess.

I started getting braver and booking larger shows in Kent, Scotland, London, the Cotswolds and things got so big I had a full-time machinist and a couple of people in the office trying to get orders posted out from shows when we sold out.
It grew so fast that I decided to open up online and drop some of the shows, great for me not so good for my customers. I get daily calls when are you coming to my area are you doing Badminton, Burley etc I just Carnt get everywhere so with that in mind, I have Launched this Week with it being International Women's day yesterday FEATHERS OF ITALY ANGELS to encourage women like me who was left in a compromising position after a marriage breakdown which taught me the lesson very quick of self-reliance and Independence!
This is me with a customer who bought this beautiful coat I was explaining the importance of living for today and celebrating successes and not forgetting to treat ourself along the way!.

If you feel you would like to grow your own business with My Brand Feathers Of Italy, maybe you don't feel confident on your own and need a business Mentor then I would love you to contact me to see if you could become a FEATHERS OF ITALY ANGEL.
Feathers Of Italy Angels Sales Position

Feathers Of Italy Angels 


As a feathers Of Italy Angel you will be able to sell my clothing range at parties shows etc.

Your commission is 15% on all sales and you can buy for your own use at 25%. Limited to £250 per month after discount.


You will also be allowed to sell wholesale to agreed boutiques on a commission basis.

Commission for you when selling to boutiques is 12% The boutique will get between 30% and 50% off RRP minimum order is £1200 however most people who used to buy off me usually spent about £3,500 to £6,000 per week or fortnight. 

I can ship a box to you for £12 or you can collect and come and browse.

It is your responsibility to keep the clothes in the same condition you took them in and any damages must be paid for.

I require a deposit for clothes taken and you will need to provide sales slips per sale if you have taken cash you can take your commission from the sale if it is credit card I will pay you on receipt of the sales vouchers.


The stock can be sold on an app (minimum stock required) so it comes directly off our site when sold and you can take card and cash payments via the app so we know where our stock is at all times.

If some lines are not selling in your area you can refresh your rail at any time. 

You can discount or do a giveaway like a necklace if someone books a party and this is controlled by you but any item in which you want to use as a tempter you can purchase at 25% discount, included in your monthly amount.


Hope this makes sence any questions let me know.


Obviously your ultimate aim is to build your business up so you are buying your own stock off me at a huge discount discount and selling it at full price you will make bigger profits. You can do as little or as much as what fits in with your lifestyle.


Let me know if you are interested and if you want to go straight into purchasing to sell on or commission on sales. I am also a business mentor and it is in my interest to help you build your business and advise you all your marketing will be done for you and even Party invitations to your clients and you will be listed on the website as an Angel in your area so customers can contact you.


Let me know which suits you, any questions don’t be shy ☺️ 


Kerrie x 


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