At Home With Kerrie!

What has everyone been doing over the weekend, I have been packing up Wood Farm House, which is challenging as I have so much georgeous stuff!. I don't know about anyone else but I had the TV on in the background all day yesterday and took to the sofa a few times to watch the funeral. It was moving and where everybody came together and put their differences aside. RIP you will be sadly missed for your humour and kind words in times of difficulties. I visited London with my daughter last week we went to Buckingham palace to see all the flowers and spent a little time reflecting before celebrating a glass of champagne in Queen Elizabeths honour at London Bridge The Ivy.
This morning I have created this video for my new Winter collection of clothing for my company Feathers Of Italy which I created over 10 years ago. Some of you only know me as an interior designer but I have a knack for fashion it seams too.
Im viewing a couple of rental. properties this afternoon they are far and few between which is proving a little frustrating.

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