Top 5 Royal Fashion Hacks

Megan marble and Feathers Of Italy Top Royal Hacks
The Top 5 Royal Fashion Hacks

Meghan Markle's top fashion hack is to wear 1. bodysuits so as to give a perfectly straight line when being photographed. There's nothing worse than seeing that oozing extra fabric bursting from within the skirt!.

Especially when wearing a skirt and trousers, it will keep your silhouette neat and your bodyline tight and crisp.

Another perfect fashion hack straight out of Meghan's closet is to wear her hair in a 2. low bun. This is because it stops the hair from having dents. I sometimes wash my hair before bed but because it's so long I tie it up high so I don't roll over and get trapped!! when I take it down in the morning it always has hairband dents in it and no amount of hair straightening will get those overnight kinks out.

So when she goes from her daytime duty to an evening extravaganza there's not much work needed to get her perfect locks looking super cool again 

Megan Markles engagement shoes Feathers Of Italy tells us why she wore a size too big

Her perfect 3. Shoe hack with new shoes wearing shoes that are a size larger or even two, the one main reason for this is that it avoids those terrible blisters.

Meghan used this hack in her engagement photos where you can see she went up a size in her strappy heels as she knew she would be on her feet a long time in new shoes.

Princess Diana was always a fashion focussed Princess, even beyond her years, she was setting trends from the early years. She is one of the many Royals that have some great fashion hacks that you just might want to try.


Lady Dianna on how to get out of a care the right way by Feathers Of Italy

Princess Diana uses her 4. Clutch bag to cover her cleavage when she gets out of cars, to stop photographers getting that awkward photo that would sell for thousands, or maybe in our cases, ogling men!. If you’d like to rock a sexy cleavage then try this stylish fashion hack.

The Royals, and indeed many celebrities, use a style hack of 5. Wearing leather soled shoes not only is there a layer of extra comfort on the sole but the inside around the heal area is usually made of leather and once bedded in stops blisters.

By Kerrie Griffin-Rogers

Feathers Of Italy 

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