Thoughts Of 2022 and my plans for 2023 from Kerrie Griffin, The Founder.

 Dear Customers,

As the year draws to a close, this is the perfect time to step back, and review the previous year and plan for 2023.

From the beginning, Feathers Of Italy was created for like-minded women. I foundered Feathers Of Italy in 2009 when my world came tumbling-down after a marriage failure. I was going to support my children single handed! If it bloody killed me!

My vision for my brand was to create a one size fits most! Italian Ladies Fashion label from scratch. With no knowledge of the world of fashion but my own style and what I have learned in the world of Interiors as an Award-winning Interior Designer I started my dream.

"Seeing how busy working mums were back then in 2009 made it clear that I needed to create a one-stop shop, where they could access everything online within 24 hours. I was replicating what I needed. I lacked in confidence and needed to feel good about myself so I got to work to bring you lots of fabulous collections overnight, all things I would wear myself."

I am already developing the summer collection of silks and linens all easy to wear luxury good quality at affordable prices. I hear we are in for a hot summer again, but are you ready and what are your plans for 2023? 

My georgeous 86 year old auntie who used to be a model and my reason to carry on my beautiful Daughter Jasmin.

These are some questions I like To Ask myself at the end of a year.

Where are you going on holiday?

Will you have different plans for Christmas 2023. My daughter has already planned to go to Lapland. I’m more of a beach girl so I think I may spend Christmas in Barbados as I enjoyed it so much this December.

Are you looking to change your career and do something you have always wanted to do, take a few minutes to think about it.


These are my top plans for 2023

Develop a Membership site from my brand, The Interior Co where I can teach online classes of Interior Design and furniture hacks.

Design and publish a workbook for renovating house projects.

Buy a House to flip and do it up myself!

Go on at least 3 holidays.

Get Fit and hopefully lower my blood pressure. I have already been doing 3k most days only walking but I hope I may pick up the speed. 

Let’s see how many off my list I achieve this time next year!. You can even get an email sent to you with your plans on for the following year, my daughter just received hers from last year this morning. Future me offer it and so many others.

I am always blessed to have so many regular customers thank you for believing in me and for  your support now and in the future.

Have a happy new year!

Best wishes,

Kerrie Griffin Owner and Founder

Feathers Of Italy


I will end the year with a glass of Champagne in my hand and begin 2023 with one too!.

Kerrie x 

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