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Ever wondered why an Interior Designer started a clothing company!?
I love fashion, textiles, hair styles. After all I used to be a hairdresser when I left school and did an apprentership as soon as I qualified and got some experience under my belt. I started my own business, so pretty much from day 1 I have been an entrepreneur.
I love shoes I have way too many. I love diamonds and fluffy things! including my ragdoll cat.
So how can being an interior designer help me by selling collections of Italian Clothing?.
I will show you how I use my Interior Design Talents by putting the colour concepts together in clothing with my Italian Clothing range. In this look I am wearing the Nia pouch dress with the silver linen shirt over for a really casual relaxed look and a silver and black pendant. I am wearing leopard print slingback to give myself an edge. I hope you love my styling. More looks and ideas coming soon sign up to my VIP newsletter when it pops up on the screen.

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Linen shirt 

Nia pouch dress

Kerrie x

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