Spring Layers - Get The Look - Top Tips By Kerrie Griffin-Rogers

Spring Layers Spring Look Whites and Greys

Spring Classic Italian Layering Tips - To Take You Throughout The Seasons by Kerrie Griffin-Rogers
Spring Classic Italian Layering Tips - To Take You Throughout The Season's by Kerrie Griffin-Rogers.
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I don't know about you but boy am I glad to see the sun, I have repositioned my desk in the Feathers Of Italy Office so the sun hits my face, I am lapping it up! after all we all need some rays on us to get our happy hormones jumping for joy!
Here are my top tips for creating effortless layering to take you throughout the season.
1. Have a couple of colours which are your base colours, I am choosing White Charcoal and Greys.
2. Pump up the look by adding gold or silver pumps to the look for that unique look at £45. Venice Platform Trainer in Gold Metallic.
3. Don't be afraid to layer up. This great split jumper above looks great with a white shirt underneath. Take a look at our Double Layer Cowl Shirt in White

Linen Shirt in White

£47.99 GBP Sale Was £79.99 GBP
4. The Jeans - I love the combination of washed grey jeans we have in stock with the white for a sharper look.

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