Spring Beach Shoot - Aberdovey

For the last 2 weeks I have been trotting off to one of my favourite places to be, near the sea as you know from my filming of Coast vs Country, thats where I feel the most inspired! 

I took a long weekend the first week we shoot a few takes of the NEW angel wings spring parka's now available online in Pink Black Navy and Camouflage the lighting was great and we shot on a boat launching jetty with a very amused man watching us for a good hour, so I thought I would make his day and blew him a kiss and jumped up in the air!

Angel Wings Parkas

feathers of italy spring collection angel wings parkers made in Italy

After an exhausting day there was only one thing to do! Champagne obviously! it was a rap and one needs to celebrate these things doesn't one! 

champagne celebrations at the feathers Of Italy spring photo shoot rap

Week 2, I dragged along my good friend Carine, who owns a growing business in beauty, she was exhausted so I suggested she come, she has a dog! and I am not great with dogs but I braved the ordeal!

Kerrie Griffin-Rogers on a beach shot in aberdovey Wales for Feathers Of Italy

A Dog!!! more like a parrot I'm ok with parrots! 

It was freezing the week before and I insisted she had warm clothes and walking boots, as I love a hike twice a day along the beach. Carine looked very distressed at the thought of walking and walking boots! Anyway, we arrived she was wrapped up had her walking boots on and then the sun came out it was 20 degrees!. She ended up sunbathing in an under slip! it was hysterical! warm clothes and walking boots she kept saying! more like flip flop and shorts!.

Me trying to look sun kissed! wearing the Bow Back Shirt In Stone and The Sequined Hooded Jacket In Washed Stone.  

We photographed at the end of the day when the sun was going down so the shots have an orange warm tone on which I love. 


I just love this Angel Wings Parker!

I hope you like the photos and our new products! 


Hats by Feathers Of Italy

 Here are some of the hats I was wearing in the shoot all very Glam!

Great Glamorous affordable Italian clothing by Feathers Of Italy

I just Love Pink this is such a great shade!

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