NHS KEY Workers and Royal Mail Discount Code

THANKYOU THANKYOU  THANKYOU NHS and Royal Mail Workers 15% Discount off Feathers Of Italy Clothing
We are all in the same boat in the large ocean and for once the Keyworkers are being recognised and not a minute too late, it's just a shame no one noticed them before there pay is long overdue an overall so I personally wanted to give a little love from my company to you all. If you are an NHS Keyworker you work for royal mail you work on the checkout at a supermarket in a chemist you deliver food or are a milkman or woman then I want to say we think you are completely brave and deserve a treat.
To qualify you need to be able to prove if asked where you work, please put in special instruction where you work and what job you do and we will whizz your order on a next day delivery to your door.
Many thanks from all of us to you.
Kerrie x 

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