"Khaki Is Timeless"

Keep It Cool

Wisely pair khaki today for a timelessly elegant look! Says casual Italian expert Kerrie Griffin who owns and runs the successful own label company Feathers Of Italy since 2009. A modern edge can be added with pops of brightly-coloured accessories like hats to a neutral palette when you pair it with navy, white, cream, and black.


Avoid jarring combos with highly-pigmented colours like bright yellow or red. Step into sophistication with this chic colour story!

Bigger Is Better

Keep Your Style relaxed! This isn't an absolute—it really depends on what you rock with your khaki—but cooler-coloured khaki feels relaxed now. Take cues from trendsetters such as Ralph Lauren who do casual so well.

I love Orange with Khaki and a dash of leopard print with gold accessories so Italian Chic!.

Navy jackets and crisp white shirts are the most likely starting points for introducing khaki into your wardrobe. To avoid any questionable missionary-in-safari-jacket vibes, go oversized. Either size up your jacket and keep the bottoms true to size or vice versa – don’t supersize both together otherwise you will look swamped.


Try Tailoring

A khaki blazer can take evening and event looks to a more stylish place. This season, linen is a smart choice for a lighter look and feel – look out for our options.

Head for the stylish side of town with this khaki blazer! Crafted from lightweight linen, it'll give your evening and event outfits an extra oomph with its sharp tailoring and chic color. So go on, don't just look sharp, look SMART! Try adding Mulberry in Autumn and winter to keep that khaki just giving you style for longer.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

Accessories are the subtle way to wear khaki. From hats to bags and pumps to sandals, there are plenty of options. Stay classic with a khaki tote bag or belt. For a cooler look, go for khaki Birkenstocks. Elevate your weekend style with the perfect piece of khaki. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, there's something for everyone to love. Make any outfit pop with a touch of this sophisticated colour.


This Is How Pinterest Most Stylish Women Are Nailing It...


Khaki is a staple in every wardrobe, and now you can learn how to wear and style it with "Khaki Is Timeless: Here's How To Wear It & Who's Making It Look Cool". Featuring helpful tips on how to wear the classic fabric today, you'll be able to create timeless looks that are just as fashionable today as they were yesterday. Just add Navy, white cream or black and you can go in to a whole new season. You'll be ready to rock the runway and the boardroom with the fashionista look you create. I hope you will try some of my looks and you have enjoyed reading my version of "Khaki Is Timeless" and see what all the fashion fuss is about. From casual to dressy, khaki is the way to go!

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