Kerrie Is A Hit With Channel 4s Coast or Country

Kerrie was delighted when Channel 4’s Coast Or Country property programme invited her to join them in series 6. She filmed the house hunt from start to finish. She has spent the whole week filming starting from Sunday at her own home with daughter Jasmin and her thoughts on the move. Kerrie’s House is stunning and is on the market with Rickitt Partnerships in Chester. They filmed her at work as an award-winning Interior designer. They took Kerrie to see 6 properties across the regions of Cheshire and North Wales.

Coast Or Country is a great property show where owners usually cannot decide between dipping there toes in the sea water or a life in the country. The friendly banter between the two presenters has you on the edge of your chairs as to who the winner maybe! Kerrie was delighted to join the 2018 series. Tim Rickitt, Friend was Kerrie’s first choice to join her help choose a property and he thoroughly enjoyed his role as property expert and advisor to Kerrie, being in the industry many years his knowledge was invaluable says Kerrie.
Kerrie Griffin-Rogers has been an Interior Designer for over 25 years and her award-winning designs have been in over 25 national and International magazines. She is looking for a new challenge a new property to call home.

Kerrie’s brief to the Coast Or Country team was for a private detached property which would not only be a fabulous home for her and her daughter to live in over the coming years but would also make a good investment. Her maximum budget was £600,000 for a “ready to move in” property but, ideally, she was looking for a project so that she could put her interior design and property developing skills to good use and put her own stamp on it.

The Coast Or Country team did not disappoint and showed Kerrie and Tim an eclectic mix of modern and period properties in both coastal and rural settings. Each day’s filming started around 8 in the morning and finished about 7 pm. Luckily Tim and Kerrie are energetic souls and found the whole process of creating a TV programme very interesting. We asked Tim and Kerrie what the highlights of the week were.

Tim Said,“The whole experience was fascinating – the work that goes into just one scene is incredible. Each one takes about an hour to film, with normal, close-up, wide and extra wide shots required. 

Both the presenters have robust house-hunting credentials with Kirsty Duffy being a former estate agent so lots of banter between her and Tim. She was also once a property developer, whilst Kerr Drummond is an award-winning interior designer and has much in common with Kerrie. Kirsty grew up in the Yorkshire countryside and loves the peace and tranquillity that a rural location offers whilst Scottish-born Kerr enjoys the dramatic landscapes of Britain’s coastal towns and villages. No prizes for guessing who is the champion for Coast and who waves the flag for Country!

Kerrie explained that when watching the series they are only 43 minutes long and that 5 full days of filming with all of us speaking for hours has to be cut down into a very tight 43 minutes, a very difficult task for the directors and editorial production. It takes producers 2 weeks to finalise the cuts, whats in and whats out! It then gets passed back to Lizzie the producer to make sure that it flows correctly. Other members of the team watch it and look for errors, like someone in one shot wearing a scarf then the next shot not wearing it. It then goes higher up the chain and the owners of the production company see it before it goes back to the BBC for the final directors to watch and sign it off before airing.

Kerrie has experience of filming, having been an extra in Jack & the beanstalk with John Voight which was filmed at Belvoir Castle where Kerrie used to live. Having to keep quiet at key points and say lines over and over again due to airplanes and cars being on the soundbites is interesting and taxing at the same time, after a few takes you lose your initial enthusiasm so Lizzie the producer reminds them to keep upbeat. You would be amazed at what goes into producing a very small short TV program let alone a film, lots of retakes and cuts. Grant the assistant director kept everyone happy with lunches, drinks, and essentials and nothing was given in the way of any information about any property before we arrived and Kerrie doesn't like surprises but coped very well. When you see our reaction to each property that is real, we weren’t allowed in any rooms in the house until they filmed our reaction, although Tim kept sneaking off to peek, only being caught once.
Will Kerrie find her dream home in the country? Will she go with her head or her heart?
Kerrie Had great fun finding outfits for the show and putting the looks together with all of her skills as a fashionista owning Feathers Of Italy her Italian clothing company, although she didn't plan for one whole day of filming to be pouring with rain!

The series airs in September and it is the 6th episode in the series.

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