International woman's day! Girls, women, you all rock

International woman's day! Girls, women, you all rock. You are stronger than you could possibly imagine. Inspire another woman today by being yourself. Fighting for the identity for leading women's strength. Stand and be counted, have compassion for other women and don't be bullied or trodden on. You are awesome 👏 I am in support of anyone who stands up and speaks out when others don't believe them # internationalwoman'sday #IWD2021 #kerriegriffin

My Top tip for the day

This is my happy song, "Jubel Klingande instrumental," play it! and dance around the kitchen. Celebrate every tiny little thing you have ever done, no matter how small. Share today and be eternally grateful for everything, good and bad, that has come your way no matter what. You were meant to experience it, when you understand this you will let a lot go. We possibly go through things to ultimately help someone else who isn't strong enough to proceed. Be Kind, be inspiring, just be yourself and be awesome. You can do anything you want to do regardless of wealth and race there's always a way around to achieve your goals. Kerrie Griffin x

Happy International Womans Day.

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