Im The Lucky One - Happy Valentines Day



In these uncertain times its good to celebrate each day and take it for what it brings, the good and bad, do your bit for society and help others if you can.


This valentines will be different to last for sure! 

Last year I went out for dinner in my favourite restaurant in Chester with my daughter. We dressed up as always and we had cocktails, champagne and a very delicious meal mine usually involves seafood of some sort usually lobster thermador! My daughter usually has prawn linguine and something utterly chocolatey for desert with lots of laughter throughout.

This year I will be spending lockdown with my georgeous auntie who I am looking after at the moment she is 85. When she arrived she shuffled along the floor barely picking her feet up she was very unsteady on her feet and unsure of everything. She had been in a very small flat for over a year in lockdown with her partner. He had a fall in December and went into hospital then they transferred him to respite where they put a covid patient in the same room without asking permission or informing us. Sadly 14 days later he was transferred into a rest home and passed away in a room on his own, I imagine very frightened. My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered from loss in covid times. The hospital would not take my uncle and he had no one who loves him around him so please everyone think twice before going out, this is not forever, it may have taken a full year out of our lives and maybe even a second but at least we will be here. Please order as much as you can online and avoid going out. Today I ordered a part for my fridge, a perm for my auntie along with nail polish, hairspray and even a few outfits for her from her favourite online store. I bought a valentines gift for my daughter and had it posted to her uni accomodation and bought a valentines meal treat with lots of extras to be delivered to her the night before Valentines! I let you know what she thought.  It’s been a very sad time for a lot of people we personally have had no funeral to say goodbye to my uncle but be creative and think of things to cheer up everyones mood, we are going to have a virtual wake in the next few weeks with a few people joining in on their phones just to celebrate his life. So its times like this when buying a special gift for a friend or loves one means so much. Recently a customer bought a gift for her friend to celebrate her birthday and we put a lovely note inside the parcel for our customer what a lovely surprise she must have thought when it arrived.

I have roped her into helping me move stock, move my home and business she's been kept very busy and loved every minute. There's not a moment in the day to think for too long because I'm on to the next job or challenge.

My auntie was a fashion model and worked from the age of 16, in what she says "fashions!" I keep her on trend and up to date with one of our fabulous faux fur capes  I have one left in Slate Grey so be quick, if you want to be on trend like Marian! I wore my fabulous Rinascimento Long coat with PU Jeans and Bo peep jumper and yes we only went for a 10 minute walk in the village but it felt great to make the effort and when we returned we were very high spirited.


I have been taking her for a walk most days its an excuse for me to leave the office and get some fresh air too! it clears my head and I work more productively later in the day anyway. Her walking has slowly improved and we are going slightly further each day and she doesn't cling on so tightly. I have bought her an I phone for Christmas and set her up with FaceTime which she can now see her sister who lives in Spain and her great niece my daughter at uni and all the fabulous new clothing she keeps buying online!.


This special time is really for embracing your loved ones if you can I have to say having an older person around me makes you see things a little more light hearted. If you have a special person like my Auntie and you can fetch them and look after them without risking their life then I highly recommend it. Years pass and you often get snatched minutes but having her here makes it easier for both of us making special memories together. A trip to the post office to send you your clothes or a trip to the butchers is a complete outing for her!.

Valentines evening will be spent with a nice walk first to work up an appetite, I will be cooking a beef bougonion with champagne and nibbles to start and I think chocolate brownie with clotted cream for desert. How are you planning to celebrate Valentines day this year?.

Have a very Happy Valentines Day everyone if you could use a little love use LOVE15 for 15% of something to make you feel fabulous valid from now until midnight on Valentines day! 

Make someones day by calling them or ordering something online to brighten their day, it means so much to so many to say I love you.

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