How to get the Italian Langen Look!

Langen look which means layered clothing comes from Italy.

Layering your clothing can be a way of disguising imperfections and creating your very own unique style of dressing.

Knowing which type of layers work best with which body shape takes experience. Creating and co-ordinating a wardrobe of layered clothing which interacts with your lifestyle yet retains your unique dare to be individual look is where our interpretation of using the term "lagenlook" originates.

Style is our passion, the art of making any lady of any age and size look and feel wonderful in their clothing creating layers which capture the beauty of the shape of the body. We are all very different shapes and sizes.

Bulking up with layers adds bulk to your torso, which evens out your body’s proportions. Use layers of tank tops, blouses, and cardigans to create visual interest and give the illusion of added size. If you’re using multiple layers which take away the smallness of your waist, use a thin belt to cinch them in and give yourself that hourglass figure again.

Although layering looks complicated, it's not,even the most unexperienced fashion lovers can do this. There aren't many right nor wrongs, don't be afraid to experiment. Layering is particularly striking among those who go for a "natural style."
A natural style is created with relatively loose-fitting blouses and dresses made from cotton, angora and other natural fabrics in combinations of white, vanilla, mocha stone and dusky pinks says kerrie. When the layers are well balanced, without being overly bulky, this style offers the advantage of hiding the body's lines.

Part of the appeal of layering is having fun by playing with differences in the length of each item. Wear a skirt under a dress giving an elongated look with depth. Or pair two dresses, one over the other, the outer layer unbuttoned down the front and worn coat style. Outfits that emphasise small, carefully calculated differences in length between each individual item achieve an airy lightness despite their many layers.

Layers are a great way to protect against the cold during the autumn and winter months, and young women in their own distinctive layers brighten up the streets of The world. This sophisticated style of layering is seen, for example, our long maxi dress worn over the maxi skirt with a silk edged wrap worn open then a florence wrap over the top use only 2/3 similar shades together to create a romantic european look. Or wear our Amazing Woman skinny jeans under a linen dress, and a cotton top with a feather gilet in Autumn colours.

Just remember to have fun with it!

Here are a few products from Feathers Of Italy Clothing that are perfect from layering and creating a very unique langen look.

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