How To Create A Multi Seasoned New Climate Wardrobe

Anyone else feeling wintery, hot sun yesterday, and today pouring rain! I now have a multi seasoned wardrobe let me teach you how I do it.

The changing climate in the UK has gone from seasons linked with Spring, Summer-Autumn, and Winter to multi-faceted within a day.

Hotter weather

The scientific consensus is that global warming is "unequivocal" - and there's "very high confidence" that human activity since the industrial revolution has led to this situation, the UK government says.

In 2009 the state-funded UK Climate Projections report predicted mean annual temperatures would rise by 2C to 5C by 2080. This was based on a "medium emissions scenario".

The effects would be largest in the UK's southern areas and smallest in northern areas, it added. Hot summers and heat waves would be more common and cold winters rarer.

So with this news, I have now arranged my wardrobe to suit days are gone of me packing my summer wardrobe away and bringing my winter clothes out because I am just too warm! so I have created an all year round collection for the UK's new seasons and this is my look.

Summer dresses and boots! really? yes, a pair of low Cuban heeled boots or pumps look great with dresses and skirts too. Here I am wearing a summer dress a wrap and these cute boots as its blustery outside but not cold and it has rained so sandals just won't work. Team it up with our great accessories and you have a great seasonal outfit.


Here you will see an evening jacket usually only brought out on a night out but I have teamed it up with leggings and high boots and a rolled-up jumper so it glamorises daytime but with that casual twist, we all love. The lovely Laura Rose we did a shoot with just before lockdown does this kind of casual so well with her tousled hair and neutral makeup.

 Using the Jacket belt around the waist of the leggings gives the illusion of a trouser with the comfort of a legging and by adding the long dragonfly necklace and a pair of our Knightsbridge high boots Laura Rose looks even taller.

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