How Do I Style My Look Feathers Of Italy Style

We have a certain look here at Feathers Of Italy a lot of my lovely customers ask me how I style so effortlessly and it's quite simple really, I always put all my collections together so no matter how many pieces you buy it will give you loads of looks. The colours blend or simply! bold colours, just add white. I have about 10 white bottoms and all skirts and dresses I have at least 10 in white ( white and a tan is so pretty and feminine ) then I layer up if I'm feeling a bit bolder I add a brighter colour.
This dress is a key piece for any woman no matter what you do, I will actually mow my lawn in this dress! 
I personally have chosen White, Orange and Lime then navy for chores like the mowing, I really prefer dresses than shorts in this weather. 
These will be here by the end of today we have a lot of backorders to get out but then we have about 10 of each colour. We have already ordered more from Italy so be quick.
Ok so this is the same top, see how I have layered this look. I am wearing some white jeans or you can wear white leggings, I have two styles one is no seam and very stretch acrylic the other is cotton. I have then added a white linen dress, the style doesn't matter, I have then added the soft drape wrap (only a couple left now be quick ), over available in various colours and two fabrics,100% cotton or jersey.
See below ripped bare here is me in a bikini yes I know very brave of me but its to help you ladies get style-savvy. This one is 100% cotton.
This is a simple weekend trick I love to layer and instead of being fashion correct just get a little savvier this is you your style, your look, add tops over dresses, it's pretty simple really, add more than one necklace or our fabulous layered necklace. Add a summer scarf that later can be used as a shoulder wrap. Just add interesting pumps with a bit of gold or silver to just bring it right on trend and don't forget the leopard print but only in small doses ladies, a bit here and there but not a whole outfit take a look at our leopard print scarfs and pumps for that perfect addition to create the wow factor.
Leopard Pumps Finnish the look! 

Gypsy Dress or Skirt layered look
I have added the Gypsy Dress in pink or some wear it as a Skirt with its Open Front detail then I have layered this with some white leggings in either cotton or no seam and the Gypsy top some stacking bracelets and a necklace to finish the look.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my styling tips do comment if you enjoyed reading this. 
Kerrie x

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