Which Jeans Should You Wear? - Top tips for all shapes - Hot Buys This Week Jeans £35 - All Jeans Reduced

Hot Buys This Week Jeans £35 - All Jeans Reduced

Jeans are an every day wear with the changing weather they are the perfect staple piece for every wardrobe this summer.

But which should you wear to best suit your curves or lack of curves.

Tall Slim build - you can pretty much wear anything ideal length is 3/4 but the longer the length jean just remember you will look taller.

Average height and shape 3/4 length or full length with a heal or wedge is good for you.

Short rounded figure, never wear 3/4 length tight jeans otherwise you will look even shorter either wear a pair of shorts or full length jean. you can turn the bottom up but just one fold.






 Key staple pieces would include a pair of Jeans In these three colours Black, White and Stone.



Amazing fit slight fabulous sheen for extra glamour, I like to turn the bottom up an inch for a cool look with summer ankle boots, Ideal Beach day look or BBQ night classic look. Extra elastane for extra comfort.https://www.feathersofitaly.co.uk/collections/jeans/products/amazing-florence-jeans-white

White Jeans all the way through the seasons

Fabulous with Brown Leather boots and Taupe Jumper 


When you wear a pair of these for 5 minutes you will not want to take them off. They come up to your waist and are longer in the leg and straight cut. Elastine creates a superb fit. If you tried every brand and failed, order a pair of these and you will want them in every colour we do very soon after.
If your looking for something a little more daring then grab yourself a pair of these! lots of colours and all with different stylish detail. All now £35 Very Limited stock fits up to size 16/18.
I also have a couple of plain colours up to a XXXL 

Amazing Woman Crinkle Jeans in Khaki with Draw String Waist With Silver Star Stud Side Detail One Size

Sale price £35.00 GBP Regular price £59.99 GBP 

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