Get The Layered Look....

I hope you like my layered winter look layers of grey and a pop of colour with a touch of glamour, all in the sale.
1. Pomarolo Fur Neck Scarf in Ruby 
£30.00 GBP Sale £59.99 GBP
2. Ferorri Tassel Jumper in Grey
£59.99 GBP Sale £79.99 GBP
3. Sicily overtop deep rose
£41.25 GBP Sale £55.00 GBP
4. Large Heart Pendant in Rose Gold
£24.00 GBP Sale £29.99 GBP
5. Bari Fringe Diamante Encrusted Cuff Bracelet in Silver 
£14.00 GBP Sale £28.00 GBP

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