Eye Surgery Shoot! - New Arrivals

I've just had eye laser surgery in Spain after my whole family had there's done at this amazing clinic. My surgeon was Dr Jamie, a specialist in cornea surgery, I have a very rare condition in my eyes called thalgasons keratitis. I had a local anaesthetic put in my eyes on the operating table the ulcers were scraped off (Queasy yet!) then I had laser correction surgery on top, I had this done 10 years ago and it worked for 10 years so I am optimistic for a good result.

5 Days in and desperate to get on with my new stock launch, some fabulous super soft jumpers. I did a photo shoot yesterday most of which is now online a few more arriving daily so I'll keep up with the photography and hope you love my new collection as much as I do.

Head over to new arrivals to see it now.


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