Do what make's you happy, the rest will follow.

I'm Cara, I'm 18 and I am the Sales and Marketting Co-Ordinator for Feathers Of Italy. I had my interview for this job whilst I was still in school completing my A-Levels as I wasn't too sure which path I wanted to go down and I thought I would get further with my A-Levels behind me. 

I never really disliked or liked school, I just didn't enjoy doing subjects that I knew I would never get anything out of. I studied business studies, Travel & Tourism and Product and Design at A-Level which I did enjoy massively as they all went together nicely alothoug my heart was definitely with Product and design.

When I met Kerrie and had my interview, I really couldn't believe how it involved everything I have always wanted to do. It was a no brainer for me and I was even luckier to have clicked with Kerrie the way that we did. 
I wasn't sure I would even go for the interiew but I thought, what would I be losing by seeing what the job position was all about?
At first, I was definitely worried incase I had made the wrong choice leaving school and going straight into working full time. It was a big change but I couldn't be happier where I am now.

It just goes to show that you don't need to follow what everyone else is doing - worrying about having to go to University for a good job that you might not even enjoy or staying in school for more of a chance to get employed. 
If there's an opportunity for doing something you want to do then don't wait around, why delay doing something you love?

You learn by doing. There's only so much you can be taught on paper, I've learnt so much more by dealing with day to day tasks and coming up with solutions to different things. 

Launching the new Teens Wear Collection was something I was so excited about doing, I could hardly wait to set up all of the social media pages! Designing and creating adverts, campaigns, newsletters, updating the website are all the things I am so pasionate about and I couldn't imagine myself doing anything different. This job came to me at just the right time, I took a chance and it was the best decision I've made.

You should always do what make's you happy and the rest will then follow.




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