Diets which work? Do It Your Self!


I watched a programme this week on different types of diets and the effects they have and saw this app was used, so thought I would try it, Heres what I found.

Lose it! App, is the easiest app I have ever used, most items can be scanned and it really shocked me to see it wasn't the Gin and Tonic killing my waistline but the large handful of cashew nuts weighing in at over 450 calories! 
Read more how I get on with my lose weight because I am appearing on TV soon, on Coast vs Country! 

I started by adding my goal to lose 1 1/2 stone then you add your weight and height so it works out the calories you need to intake for your best health and weight loss.

It said I would hit my goal weight if I stuck to 1270 calories a day by may 12th. I am sticking to it surprizingly easy because before putting something in your mouth it makes you think because you have to add it to the app. I have been using the app now for 9 days and have lost 3.2 KG that's 7.05 LBS I know just by tracking my food! wow incredible result so far. As you lose more you feel more like moving so I have started walking to the bottom of my long drive twice a day which it also logs and if you hit your daily target you can have extra points or choose not to take them so you lose the weight even quicker! Win Win situation.

I am a motivated girl most of the time and quite competitive so I am enjoying beating the app finding things which I can eat which are fewer calories and low-fat and oh! by the way a small Gin and Tonic is only 76 calories and a small wine 100 so half way through the week I am indulging in one glass! I know! Presecco even less, Happy Days! 

I think even when I have hit my goal its a good way to easily log your weekly calories, yes it tots up to the end of the week to see if you are on-line to achieving your weekly goal too.

This is the lazy girls diet but if you want quicker results move! Walk longer Run or do excersise dont forget tho save those suggery snacks until after the workouts because thats when we are the weekest.




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