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On 22 Oct 2020, at 3:08 pm, Bizjak Nina 

Dear Kerie,
I received a Rinascimento coat and words can not describe how happy I am! Thank you so much, the service was extremely professional and I'm glad to shop in your store.
Best wishes,
Ahhhhh Nina, I am overwhelmed you even messaged me it means so much to me. It’s my company I work alone and I like to think I offer a good service. I’m so happy you love the coat you wait till you start getting people stop you and say oh wow I love your coat. Every time I’ve worn mine I get told. Makes you feel just lovely. 
Would you do me a review. 
Where did you find my company? 
Kindest regards
Kerrie x 

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On 23 Oct 2020, at 18:07 Nina wrote:
Now I'm even more happy that I was shopping in your store! :) Well I was desperatly looking for Rinascimento coat from last season - in pink colour, but I did not find it anywhere. And in season Fall/Winter 2020/21 I didn't find any suitable. That is why in one moment I simple wrote into a google "Rinascimento pink coat" and as a result I got Feathers of Italy! I saw things form Rinascimento in your store and there was also my coat, pink and it was also my size! Since I usually do not shop online, I was a bit careful, that is why I sent you an email once or twice before and I allways got very professional, kind and warm response. Then I was checking other things in your store (I like them a lot) and your instagram and I saw that you are very professional and strong woman, who build it all by herself, and that is why I respect your company and your work even more. So in one moment I said "I will try". And I am so glad I did!!! I'm amazed, how quick the coat was in my apartment! And most of all I like your personal touch! Your mails and card in the parcel, everything... In times when everything is online now, is this personal touch something what is very important to me.
Thank you a lot, you made me very very very happy!
Wishing you all the best!
Reviews like this for small Independent companies like mine make me realise that I am providing a great service with amazing products.
Everyone should leave more reviews if you are happy tell them! it means the world. 
Kerrie x 

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