Contemporary Tree Decoration - Do It Yourself!

I personally like a tree in most of my downstairs rooms but they take a lot of space up so I have found this little solution for you.
You will need
The Perfect solution to a contemporary Christmas!
1. Wicker waste paper basket, Tin bucket or suitable tall base, even a large vase will do.
2. Stones
3. Moss paper shreddings or fabric
4. Fairy lights
5. White paint
6. A branch of a tree
7. Christmas decorations
Get a select a fallen branch from a tree or a wood make sure it's quite straight and sticks out where you need it to.
Paint it white one coat should do, If you are feeling sparkly you may want to add some iridescent glitter with a brush over some PVA glue.
Allow drying time.
Place the twig or twigs here one painted and one natural was used.
Put some stones around the twig bases or use oasis or tape whichever you have hanging around.
Put your lights either in the base like this one shown or start at the end of the lights and wind towards the base using all the lights.
Finally, hang on your little decorations.
Grab a glass of sloe gin and admire your work. If you have large windows I like to do them in all the windows for a great impact from outside over the festive season!

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