Children's Cancer Campaign - Lets Work Together To Fight Childrens Cancer

Giving back never became easier! 

Give Up Clothes For Good. That’s the name of the new TK Maxx campaign to raise funds for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens, Feathers Of Italy are working along there campaign to raise awareness and show how easy it is for you to donate.

Every day,12 children and young adults under 25 years of age are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. The good news is that around 8 in 10 young people diagnosed with cancer in the UK now survive their disease for at least five years.

But we still need to do more. That’s why Cancer Research UK is carrying out pioneering research across the country – to help beat children’s cancers sooner and to develop kinder treatments with fewer side effects.

And you can help support them. You’ve probably got a few outfits just hanging around in your wardrobe keeping the clothes you actually wear company. Like that jacket you’ve kept ‘just in case’.

Simply fill a bag with your pre-loved quality clothes, accessories or homeware and drop it off at your local TK Maxx store. Bin bag, tote bag, whatever bag you like. But please make sure everything you donate is in a good condition.

There are permanent donation points in every TK Maxx store so you can donate at any time, all year round.

Your donated items will be sold in Cancer Research UK shops to raise vital funds for life-saving research into cancers affecting children and young people. A bag of donated items could raise up to £30.

Since 2004 we've raised over £32 million for Cancer Research UK’s work through stock and cash donations. Of this, over £28 million is supporting research into children's cancers specifically and £4 million supporting general cancer research. With your help, we can support Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens to help fund research into new, better and kinder treatments for children and young people with cancer.

Thank you and happy decluttering.

I supported Cancer research this week by buying a pre-loved hat from Cancer Research in Whitchurch, I took it home snipped off the cream bow bought some ostrich feathers from another charity shop and got creative with my superglue, I hope you like the look! Support your Cancer research today by either dropping your items there or in a TK Maxx.


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