5* REVIEW From Carine

Its always a please getting a review it makes you do a happy dance! even after over a decade of trading.
Here are Carines favourite four purchases over the last year.
Carine choose this dress because you can just throw it on and look fabulous!
Another great advantage to the dress is that you can add one of the Rafadali tops and make it look like a skirt and top set giving you an extra outfit to your wardrobe.
It comes in lots of colours however Carine chose the navy with the navy top to go with it.
Carine says this is her most favourite statement necklace!

Comfort is key for Carine and this is her go to sweatshirt, she says it is supper soft and we agree.
This has to be my favourite cardigan so soft and just the right lenth! goes over all my base layer jumpers, I love it.

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