4 Great Ways to take your make up into Autumn - Winter

As the seasons switch, so does our make-up. When that summer glow goes, we might want more coverage, and as with our wardrobes we can gravitate towards richer palettes and textures with our beauty look. Regardless of trends and personal preference, with the temperatures dropping and central heating going on, autumn skin can instantly become dehydrated – a primary concern for make-up prep.

S-J Froom, international make-up artist for bareMinerals, reminds us that your make-up will never look the way you want it to without a good skincare regime. "Start exfoliating twice a week and do a mask once a week in addition to applying serum and moisturiser daily," she instructs. As well as upping your skincare game, try Froom's other top tips to transition your beauty look into the new season...

1. Choose a hydrating base

"Often during the summer, when we are glowing and tanned, a lightweight foundation is enough, whereas in winter we tend to look for a foundation with a little more coverage. I love bareMinerals' BarePro Advanced Performance Wear Foundation; not only do the papaya enzymes in the formula naturally exfoliate the skin, it offers a buildable yet breathable semi-matte coverage without feeling drying on the skin."

2. Faux your glow

"If you do go for a fuller, more matte looking foundation but you still want that glow, you can use highlighters to add it back in a natural-looking way. Buff onto the highs of your cheekbones, a tiny bit on apples of the cheeks - under or over blusher - and anywhere else you want a dewy radiance."

3. Pick autumnal colours to suit your skin type

"If you want to add some richness to your usual look and go for an autumnal lip colour, you need to find the right shade that works for your skin tone. For skin tones with a pink base, go for pinker deep plum and berry shades. For warmer, more yellow-toned skins, try a dark colour with brown or orange tones to them. Neutral skin tones suit either.

"Deeper palettes also work beautifully on the eyes, but choose one area to focus on to keep your overall look clean and modern. For example, I love a nude eye with a plum lip, or a smoky eye and a nude lip."

4. Switch up your textures

"Try to change up the textures of your make-up a little, too. So, if you are going for a matte foundation, add some sheen to your eyes or lips whereas if you are going for highlighted skin, go for a matte lip.

"Think of this as wearing a mini dress with flats, or a chunky knit with heels – beauty, too is all about balance."




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