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We just love Layers at Feathers Of Italy 

Layer upon Layer for Natural Style

Don't be afraid to try it!

Although layering looks complicated its not,even the most unexperienced fashion lovers can do this, There are not many right and wrongs, practice is key add to your outfit and don't be afraid to experiment,after all we all have our own creativity and style,loves and hates.

Layering is particularly striking among those who go for a "natural style." A natural style is created with relatively loose-fitting blouses and dresses made from cotton, angora and other natural fabrics in combinations of white, vanilla, mocha stone and dusky pinks says Kerrie. When the layers are well balanced, without being overly bulky, this style offers the advantage of hiding the body's lines we need to keep hidden creating a new shape of interesting factors.

Part of the appeal of layering is having fun by playing with differences in the length of each item. Wear a skirt under a dress giving an elongated look with depth. Or pair two dresses, one over the other, the outer layer unbuttoned down the front and worn coat like style.

Outfits that emphasise small, carefully calculated differences in length between each individual item achieve an airy lightness despite their many layers.

Layers are a great way to protect against the cold during the autumn and winter months, and young women in their own distinctive layers brighten up the streets of the world.


Don't over layer

Most fashion advisers would recommend you to stick to a maximum of three layers for the top half of your body else you could end up looking too bulky!

Thinest layer first

 The thinnest garment should be worn closest to your skin, which automatically means that the thickest garment should be towards the top of the layer.

Displaying The Contrast

One of the reasons why we need to layer clothes is to show off the contrast between different colours and cuts which causes flattering shapes, there is no need to be dull and boring and wear just a single colour in all your layers get creative and mix colours you wouldn't normally mix.


Be bold, layer a white ruffled blouse with coloured sweater and you will make heads turn when you walk down the street!

Layering For The Summer

Layering is not all about winter. It does become easier as we have many pieces to throw on to keep us warm! But you can layer your clothes during summer as well.

 Wear our a lacy bottom edged vest under a shirt or lightweight jumper add strings of beads and a jacket or cardi or wrap with a summer scarf all adding to the interesting eclectic style you are about to create.


Other Items To Add To Your Layers

Other items which you can add to your look are scarves, belts bracelets earrings and accessories. These pieces work as enhancers to your overall look.

If you are wearing a plain white shirt or a blouse wear a sequinned or a colourful scarf along with a long necklace for detail or simply throw in a chunky necklace and a bracelet with contrasting colours.


Tucking in your leggings or jeans into your boots looks more fashionable. If you are wearing a short skirt with knee high boots, wear over the knee socks and expose a little bit of your socks to make it look more chic.

This sophisticated style of layering is seen, for example, our long linen jacket is worn over a laced bottom cami with a silk shirt buttoned in the middle worn over white jeans see image with a fringe effect silk scarf worn with gold pumps 2/3 similar shades together to create a romantic european look.


Happy Layering

And Happy to dress you! Kerrie says,just email the Layering Team with your likes and hates about your body and we will suggest some looks for you.

Then just keep adding to your wardrobe all year in different tones which all blend summer to winter to create an easy wardrobe you will love x

Kerrie Griffin-Rogers

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