Organise Your Look!




If your answer is no follow these steps to see what you have what you need and be more organised instead of keep grabbing the same old faithfuls..



Do you have this top you bought on a whim that it would definitely go with something and it doesn’t.



  1. Divide your wardrobe into colours
  2. Then with in that section sort out into tops, jumpers
  3. Pull out each section at a time is grey trousers then grey tops etc, if it's worn throw it away, if you have gone off it or it doesn't fit,put it in the charity box.
  4. Look at what's left and be honest with yourself if you haven't worn it for 12 months you are not going to !
  5. If you need to loose 2 stone before attempting to get in it,it will be out of fashion before that happens. Get it out! And by that I don't mean put it in another wardrobe or in a bag at the bottom of the wardrobe! We've all done it! Get them out of your house!
  6. The top you bought which has been handing on its own since you bought it now will have a colour section to fit in to so you can clearly see all your tops and bottoms together in the same or similar colours. If it still doesn't match anything then make a list of what you need to buy to make each item into an outfit. Don't be to specific here just put jeans to go with said top or greyish skirt to match said top.
  7. If your heading to the high street the only way to visualise what your new outfit could look like is  to take them with you that way you don't impulse buy you buy to make an outfit, Of cource if you are buying from us online hang on the door all the items you need to match up to make an outfit log on to start at the sales pages a very interesting section because if we have just a couple left they go into the sale! Have a look around and see if you can make any outfits up, If sales with no section heading drive you crazy then go to our headings all the sale items are also listed in there for your convenience.
  8. Send us an image on Facebook or to and we will find you some items to make an outfit from your picture.

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